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Transform all the buildings into self-sufficient buildings.
Feb 27, 2014 Manuel R1
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Summing up through the interaction of the various architectural elements , it is expected to get boost self- sufficient buildings .

Problem : we want more efficient buildings , more sustainable but it requires a higher consumption of energy directly or indirectly , whether in the use of means which consume energy in situ , either by treatment of the surrounding ( EuP indirectly in the production of materials needed for this treatment). It is then , in the production of energy , which is the key issue , and to which we must respond effectively , in a weak energy resources and pollution scenario .

Currently , the buildings built equipping them with devices capable of producing energy. The key aspect of this research is to perform the inverse , ie , we build the equipment to be able to produce energy by becoming self -sufficient , like an ecosystem where , as the flora and fauna , the building presents a cycle own, autonomous energy .

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