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Problems of future, not an idea but a question. (actually two)
Feb 23, 2014 Zafer B

Two basic problems comes to mind:
1) How are we going to to keep anonymity among all the cameras, sensors and network of these, including our uncontrollable digital footprint?
2) Is participation a "must" for the citizens of smart cities?

For the first problem I have some concerns by thinking some projects inluding "watching" people. Our new panopticist life needs to be protected for our own privacy. And every new technology brings its unique minuses to deal with.

As a citizen -not in the common use but a settler of a smart city- why should I "have to" participate in projects? I "should" at most, not "have to". I have the freedom to choose, like everyone else. So in projects, the total participation of the citizens is a good idea but not realistic. Voluntary efforts might be a minimal factor by means of sourcing data and making decisions, i think.

So what do you think about the importance of these basic and non-technical issues?

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