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Pedestrian Bridges at high vehicle Traffic areas in Las Vegas, N
Feb 26, 2014 Sterling B2

We here in Las Vegas have experienced a high volume of pedestrians being run down and losing their lives, because of these crossing areas. We can cross where there are traffic lighting for vehicles and pedestrian with no problems most of the time, but there are still problems with that as well, but we have crossing spots that are intermediate in-between the main traffic lights. I want and need to come up with a way of eliminating this frequent hazard to our citizens.

The other issues we have in Las Vegas is that the bus stops are extremely too close to the curbs mainly at corners. We have had citizens struck and killed at these spots as well. Just recently two kids and their father were killed while waiting for the bus to get to school.
With the increase in the population, and the increase of older people; I can see these problems becoming worse if something isn't done.

I do have Ideas for eliminating these problems, but I do solicit any other ideas from the Technicity community.

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