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Where do you get most of your information about urban technologies?
TED, a source of creativity and inspiration.
Updated: Mar 11, 2015 Lucas G3

This website or platform, as I like to call it, its where I spend some of my free time to source new informations.
This platform engages you to a wordwild spread of new technologies being developed and applied to cities all over the world. Beyond that, it also brings a diversive range of talks with people who have studied or are part of an organization to make a better world.

The best part of it, is that it includes subjects from animal behaviour to high tech tools developed. So, it reaches persons from many fields of study, engaging and inspiring new ideas and actions.

Here is a link of a selected playlist I watched recently about cities.
My favorites are from the 3th to the 7th video.

More Info:
Playlist (15 talks): Our future in cities.
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