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Where do you get most of your information about urban technologies?
News agregators in Internet (like Flipboard), journals, social
Mar 15, 2015 Andrey K4

I think that all information and news that we can find placed in world of world wide web. But for get needed info or read in good form, store data, share and save for later we can use some kind of services and application. I use the very cool service named Flipboard and I also created magazine for this course: http://flip.it/BYVhQ.

Also we can read the journals (on paper or electonic version) that have the themes all around city science and science in common. Usually in this journals we can read good parts of thesis or an articles with deep knowledge and from people who perform work in research.

For structure the informations that's we get we can use the method of mind mapping. For my personal use I use with MindMeister.

P.S.: If who is want to help me and create the Flipboard magazine - I open for ideas and new connections.

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