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Where do you get most of your information about new urban technologies?
Urban Technologies | Resources
Mar 04, 2014 Eric G18
Urban Technologies | Resources
Phantom Shanghai by Greg Girard

Here's a partial list of sites, blogs, and podcasts to check out:

Monocle 24 - The Urbanist (a weekly podcast devoted to cities) > http://monocle.com/radio/shows/the-urbanist/124/

BMW Guggenheim Lab: Part urban think tank, part community center and public gathering space, the Lab traveled globally to inspire new ways of thinking about urban life. > bmwguggenheimlab.org

UP Singapore - organizes weekend-long hackathons to improve our urban environments > upsingapore.com

PSFK - Inspiring Creative Business > psfk.com

Urban Tick - a blog that explores cycle studies relative to new and emerging technologies in an urban context > urbantick.blogspot.com

The Mobile City - mobile media and urban design > themobilecity.nl

dezeen magazine > dezeen.com

Web Urbanist > weburbanist.com

Cycle Love - celebrating the best of bike culture > cyclelove.net

Photo: From the series Phantom Shanghai by Greg Girard (© greg girard), courtesy Polar Inertia, polarinertia.com

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