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Mark the map with cities that have interesting applications of technology. Include links for background information about the city you mark on the map. You will need to pan and zoom the map.
Rio de Janeiro
May 08, 2013 Sarah W32
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In Rio, they are using all sorts of technology, thanks to their Mayor, Eduardo Paes. In this video, (http://www.ted.com/talks/eduardo_paes_the_4_commandments_of_cities.html) he talks about the 4 commandments of cities. Cities must be environmentally friendly, deal with mobility and integration of citizens, socially integrated, and use technology to be present. Focusing on the technology aspect in Rio, the mayor talked about high capacity transport that is able to be quick and efficient, getting the citizens where they need to go. He also talks about how Rio has a center of operations in order to see what's going on with the weather, traffic, etc. to help citizens our more efficiently a and immediately in regards to travel and outings.

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