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Mark the map with cities that have interesting applications of technology. Include links for background information about the city you mark on the map. You will need to pan and zoom the map.
Bike Share in Washington D.C.
May 05, 2013 Marty S3
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The capital bike share in Washington D.C. is a very interesting application of technology. It is one of the biggest and most used bike shares in the United States. Residents use it to get to work daily and tourist use it to go to all the monuments.

They have SOLAR POWERED bike kiosks all around the the city.

If you become a member you get a UNIVERSAL key that allows you to check out/in a bike when every you want one. It is also PERSONALLY connected to you

They have a GPS map that allows you to view a station to see how many bikes and/or empty spots are available at each kiosk.

And so much more!

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