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What urban technology trends do you think will most impact city planning?
Urban agriculture
Apr 25, 2015 Heather K21

There's a big push for more localization of more agriculture production - driven by environmental concerns, cost concerns and security concerns - as well as people simply feeling too tech'ed out, and disconnected from nature, their food supply, etc.

With this has come the growth of options like food skyscrapers and all the tech that goes with that - Plus, people looking at ways to implement fairly closed loop approaches to growing a lot in their own little spaces and setting up community food forests, etc

These approaches are not without their costs, but also have huge potential upsides. Planning higher level need not be involved - but I think it would behoove planners to work to keep this trend up by not impeding it w/dumb laws (like banning rain water collection), etc and also tracking use/ what might encourage the trend (city compost programs, etc.)

Help the people take control of their food and, at the same time, make cities prettier and healthier places to live.


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