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What urban technology trends do you think will most impact city planning?
P2P Meshes
Apr 25, 2015 Heather K21

Right now, for most, our Internet is pretty much delivered from centralized sources. This has meant a lot of resources put into centralized approaches like giant fiber lines, server farms, etc - and this approach has its place.

At this point, we have tech that can let people create nice custom routing hw for less than $100, SW helping everything mesh-up, citizens launching satellites, etc+many areas which have already implemented & more working on local Internet type options at to allow access to all.

This can seem intimidating. Why do this?

Many have done this b/c of pricing of available options - but also, while meshnets are smaller now, as meshes build, they can mesh w/ other meshes + In working this, we the people can better control everything from pricing/accessibility> security/redundancy>personal data. We can better respond to emergent issues with more dynamism, etc. Our implementations can be what limits our benefits - rather than top down authorities' choices for us.

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