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What trends in urban technology are you most interested?
Things will visper with us! "IOT Language", Trees will speak!!
Updated: Feb 28, 2015 Dineshaware A

Just look at tree with goggle, IOT sensor sensing tree health parameter will come on your IOT enabled goggle, use "whisper" mode in app that senses the text transmitted from IOT enabled tree, text to speech whispers by tree will tell you "I am 45 year old banyan tree, Healing Power and Curative Properties benefits humans, ....."....Next look at car in showroom with your Whispering IOT enabled Goggle , Car will whisper" I am Jaguar xf, with luxurious interior features but also with super cool innovative technologies My cost is 1million $....." press "Take me inside" on app, Interior of this car will be screened on Goggle... look at Bridge.... Strength, GPS location, traffic condition on bridge will be displayed on screen... IOT in your city coming ....Gardens, Airport, Zoos, Malls , McDonald's, Burger King, Pepsi cola will "whisper"!!


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