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Healthcare in smart city
Mar 02, 2015 Yuriy L

Lets imagine the medical system which will help citizens who in risks group (elderly people , people with serious illnesses , people with cardiovascular diseases)
Solution will include in next parts:
1)wearable devices (Input data: pulse , temperature, pressure , help singal and other specific data from different types of sensorse)
2)Big data + machine learning (protection algoritms , analyze algoritms and etc)
3)EHR/EMR systems where will located all medical data about citizens and updated data from wearables
4)Doctor cabinet - interface for doctors who will work with this people in risks group
5)Base of scenario - another module which will help doctors to make decisions
May be some another modules
Also we can take medical data from another devices for example:
Smart mirror that could measure your temperature, and in the case of illnes tell you to pass your blood in special analyze device. And after that give you information about treatment or write to inspect a doctor.

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