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VR Data Science Lab for Aspiring Data Scientists
Feb 21, 2014 Zack V

It would be great to employ the virtual reality (VR) technologies for a specific educational application, such as data science. The latter is a very popular field and recent predictions state that the practitioners of this field will be in very high demand in the near future (they are already in high demand in some cities). Training may not be so feasible for many people (in the US, for example there are only 5 cities (!) that have a strong data science core supported by academia) and in some case not affordable. Migrating data science education in cyberspace may help alleviate these problems and make data science accessible to everyone who wishes to learn, through hands-on applications in a friendly environment.

PS - That's not to say that there is not merit in the data science courses available online already. The idea is to make everything more personal and more engaging through VR.


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