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Using NFC technology to leave reviews
Feb 25, 2014 Elly M

Nowadays, many people (in developed cities) have smartphones. And more and more of them are becoming NFC-enabled (NFC is Near Field Communication). This allows people to use their smartphone to pay for travel and small expenses with a tap, and to share files easily. Why not use this convenient feature to leave reviews in places they are relevant in? For example, having a feature where you can tap your smartphone and be immediately directed to a page where you can leave a review and share it with your friends if needed. This will make it easy and fast to collect and share people's opinions on certain places or services provided there. While this might take some time, with the rise of NFC technology it will probably happen soon, considering there already are NFC pods on, for example, certain advertisements that allow you to redeem deals or visit the company page. Why not encourage it to be used to collect reviews?

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