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What trends in urban technology are you most interested?
The influence of technology upon the built environment
Feb 25, 2014 Stefan S

I am particularly interested in the influences of technologies upon the built environment en real estate markets. To give you an example; what is the influence of online shopping on the shopping centers now and in the future? I'm from the Netherlands, and here the shopping centers are mostly concentrated in the old city centers. In recent years, vacancy rates are increasing, leading to people stating "online shopping leads to an increase in vacancy rates, a physical shop is a thing of the past". However, market insiders think otherwise. Recent data reveals that only 6% of retail revenues come from online shops, and some institutes in the Netherlands have made trend lines, concluding that the market revenue for online shops will grow only to about 10%. They state that the internet mainly changes the way we shop in the physical environment and which products we buy. The shopping behavior changes due to internet research into products, the shopping "experience" becomes more important etc.

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