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Looking for Waste Management Solutions in Vientiane, Laos
Feb 20, 2014 Kevin J12

The city I live in, Vientiane, and the nation of Laos itself, is host to a growing number of problems as it tries to grow rapidly to meet the demand of its Asian neighbors. One of the biggest problems the city now faces is waste management. The situation is quite bad, as services for garbage pickup and recycling are ineffective in cleaning up the city and the villages within it. Because of this, and the penalties implemented for those who accumulate a lot of waste (restaurants, businesses, etc), many people resort to burning their trash, which usually includes plastic materials. So there has to be a way to organize and manage all this waste that is damaging not only the image of the city, but the health of its inhabitants. I pose a question to those here: What kind(s) of urban technology do you feel can help this situation? I feel that if each village were to be given a way to secure and manage the waste before it goes to the municipal services, the overall situation would be better.


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