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What role can you play in the future of the TechniCity?
Crowd Empowerment
Apr 25, 2015 Heather K21

At my company, our social purpose basically is all about crowd empowerment - working to help engage the crowd in technology - from its creation through its utilization.

Planners can be very important in many things, but the crowd will always be - should always be - much more so. To me, the brightest future of tech is in supporting this.

It is in this that innovation will be driven, dynamic human needs noted and handled human-ly - more from the bottom up than the top down, with improved abilities for bottom up initiatives to visualize and connect with systemic views. Making this happen better is, to me, helping us path to our best possible futures. It is a big part of what our work will encompass as we grow, and key initiative set to me, personally.

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