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What makes a "smarter city"?
user friendly-tech-solution for all members of society
Updated: Mar 14, 2014 Carla P12
user friendly-tech-solution for all members of society

1) Information access for everyone: smart cities should aim to improve the quality of life of all citizens equally not just those tech aficionados.
2) Liquid tech-democracies: smart cities will be run by crowd-source open-data platforms based shared decision making.
3) Energy efficiency: sensing buildings power consuption, shared bikes, EV stations.
4) Clean + smart: waste management will be much more efficient due to RFID tags and/on sensors.
5) Recycling and sharing: due to environmental impact awareness people will develop apps and platforms that will help them locate nearby excess resources such as food excess, old appliances that can be reused or modified, shared and/or exchanged for other goods, etc.
6) Socially smart: with the use of tech citizens will connect more with their communities, from ranking local services to always knowing what is going on around them.
There are other things to consider: privacy issues, security, crime predictions, etc.

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