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What makes a "smarter city"?
Technological use that subject to "Bounded Reality"
Mar 16, 2014 Leeann B1

A smart city requires a multidisciplinary approach, perhaps the formation of a transdiscipliary orientation. A smart city seeks sustainability. Sustainability requires environmental, economic and social-equity aspects of land use planning to come into harmonious play, or at least not in out right conflict of one another. A smart city takes technological resources as a tool to collect and implement information to provide a more efficient city in all the areas listed above, but we have a "bounded reality" and in order to create a smart city, individuals must take on a multidisciplinary or transdisicplianry approach to ensure that the goals and objectives of the cities 3 "Es" (environment, economy and equality) work together and not in conflict with one another in the use of implementing a more efficient technological city.

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