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What makes a "smarter city"?
Learning Mediums.
Mar 18, 2014 Lamies B

It would be very useful for students to have their books in tablets. They don't have to be iPads or something along those lines, but a tablet made specifically for schools and universities. The books would be high-light-able, copy-able, etc., with a few apps for notes and notebooks. They can also have voice recorders to record lectures, a calculator (scientific), WiFi access for research, and also, to download the books of the subjects they're taking. A tablet specifically made for learning would help students with a LOT. They can also have emailing apps, to email their teachers and whatnot. The student can have a tablet from grade 1 through grade 8, and a tablet for their four years in high school, and as for universities, they can have the same tablet until they finally graduate.

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