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What makes a "smarter city"?
Effeciency makes city smarter.
Mar 11, 2014 John M186

As we know from physics the efficiency is effective work related to the total energy input, I suppose the same is about cities: the smarter is the city the higher is its eefiency, which means that it gets the same result using less resources. Nowadays "smart grids", sensors and broadband communication channels are just instruments to reduce effords on the way to a certain target.
Therefore a lot of factors contribute to "smartization" of cities, the most important are:
1. Smart, effective and confident government, able to make strong and crucial decisions.
2. Smart and initiative core society able to improve athority's decisions and apply them in the most effective and correct way
3. Responsible business and investors who understand the impostance of investment into the future development project which seem very expensive at the moment but have a great refund potential.
4. Proper material basis for infrastructurу development.

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