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What makes a "smarter city"?
Ability to create value from data for Citizens
Updated: Mar 19, 2014 JOE J7

This course as a whole, I see the direct connection that Urban Planning has as a proponent for the endurance and success of cities. Im am not convinced that all technologies that are presented and employed are at heart for the best interest of citizens.

I fully realize that services can be provisioned according to need, and real time data can help interpret that need. I do not think that implementing collectively is a good idea. I totally understand the need to manage a city. Yet that responsibility should not become the citizens or tourist. Creation of smart cities should allow the flexibility for those who wish to share information, and those that chose not to.

I believe that there is an essential right to privacy and freedom that should not be infringed upon because city planners are not creative enough to come up with an idea better than watch, monitor, observe or tax its citizens. Creativity and innovation is the key.

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