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What makes a "smart city"?
Integrated use of technology, data and people
Mar 18, 2015 Kendall J

For me the issue is that the technology is here but the it is the implementation of the technology into legacy systems that are governed by people (often the ones that put it there to start with) that is the stumbling block.

Silo's of information that hasn't been maintained and validated as the city landscape has changed will NOT enable the technology to be the panacea to solve all problems.

We could use all the great sensors and mapping tools out there but without good quality reliable data and people that can objectively analyse and implement solutions, the concept of an 'smart city' can be challenging to achieve. We are achieving it to some extent in small application areas - transport, health services, recycling and community engagement - but when we talk about the integration of the Internet of Things and the lifecycle of asset management I think we're a long way off.

Also, could the speed of technology improvement also be a limiting factor to progress?

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