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What makes a "smart city"?
A smart city solves real problems.
Mar 23, 2015 Zachary B12

A smart city does many things like making the lives of the citizens easier, and allowing cities to function better as a whole. But a truly smart city to me is a city that is able to combat poverty, climate change, and inequality. As Boyd said in his lecture in Argentina, a smart city will effectively face these challenges head on. Weather it be the revitalization of an inhabitable industrial space in a large city to combat population growth, or an electric car sharing program in Paris that for every 1 share care it gets 15 cars off the road. Governments allowing subsidies for new construction that allows for half of its units to be low income housing so that we can combat homelessness in our large cities. Or by simply making large cities more accessible by providing transportation in developing nations. A truly smart city will solve real large human and global issues in our world, thinking about the earth as a whole not the individual.


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