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What is your idea for smart city data?
Control of data by the people for the people
Updated: Apr 14, 2015 Heather K21

Create a highly distributed base system (no set of data about anyone stored any one place, etc) that allows users to be completely anonymized and traceable only per their consent or something like strong majority vote by the community.

Give users the control to discreetly reveal whatever they like to whoever they like, and exactly only that.

Give users control over their data pts, while also standardizing access + data and thereby making data use easier.

Planners would only have access to views of such. This would significantly reduce issues w/ user patterns being sussed out using multiple data sets because it would really only be the aggregate data stored anywhere people could access.

This would also simplify and reduce costs on planning projects while covering planners collective butts.

We do not live an age where privacy and planning must be at odds - We simply live in an age where they are.

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