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Use Technology to increase economic development potential
May 08, 2013 Karen T7
Use Technology to increase economic development potential

The economic times we have lived through has shown that jobs are needed. New employers need the tools to find where they fit best. It is bigger that the MLS sorry commercial realtors but integrating all aspects of the development scheme helps them fit their peg in the correct hole. Fairfax Ciunty Virginia does it right!
All cities have holes that need filling. Why should the new dentist in town need to figure out about the stormwater rules for his new office to be built and why does he need all those expensive professionals reator, attorney, engineer, surveyer, contractor,to do it all for him- he is smart let him decide for himself with techonolgy tools that interate data for the all the vacant land. Start attracting the creative class, if you build it they will come.

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