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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
The Internet of Things
May 04, 2013 Victor Jose G

My idea for a smarter city would be a place where people no only share techology with hundred of devices conected to cloud services and big data infraestructure. Better than that, would be a city where people stay tunned "all time" with nature as a sociological view with others around the world, may be, sharing feelings and emotions, not only using social media like facebook or twitter.. is more.. is learning how to ensure conecctions with others applying technological methods to improve the quality of life of neighbours around the word (for example, developing new networks protocols, or optimizing better arquitectures in Hardware &Software, spatial relations in complex systems, etc.. ). And this, in my opinion can be reached using the Internet of things..May sound like a cyborg society, but whit feelings.

Using this resources, we can begin to understand how to improve our life and use the nature of the technology in favor of the world.

Sorry my bad English.

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