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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Sustainable and proper use of the natural resources!!
May 09, 2013 Ashok K1

There are a great deal of scarcity of water and uneven distribution of it too.Having aware of that,still we waste these precious resources like it's free!! My idea is to use technology for the effective utilization of basic necessities like water,draining system and sewage!! For ex, By making water harvesting structure compulsory for every house and construction of roads with water harvesting facilities(as most of the rain water is eroded in road,due to this roads can also be clean at the same time) and making water taps with sensor function which can detect when we bring our hand under the tap and stop when we remove our hands from it! It is the best way to save millions of gallons of water!! There is an old saying by Mahatma Gandhi, " That there is enough for everyone's need,but not for everyone's greed" as it holds true in that case too!! By saving water while raining and procure it in tanks and proper structure will have our needs fulfilled!!

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