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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Smarter City is One That Questions Itself
May 04, 2013 walter P1

I think a smarter city would deal with decentralizing the focus from the popular hybrids of any city (e.g. downtown) and concentrate on alleviating abandoned housing units or in general to improve the living conditions of areas that are not in constant accessibility as the hybrid areas.

You proceed with thinking about the economy and how humans want to live.

Do humans want to live in an area with more green space than traffic?

What job industries are available here once I graduate from college or university?

Is the housing costs ok to my liking?

How is the entertainment and restaurant scene here?

The city does not need to be a "megacity" (although they are usually funner - my opinion), however they need to consider a number of questions in order for people to build an attraction to either move or stay in that specific city.


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