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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Self-sufficient, sustainable place where citizens gets involved
May 04, 2013 Francesc C

In order to make a real difference, the cities have to be the most self sufficient as possible, but is only a smart city with externalization of it's issues: the supplies of ressources or the waste manage. One of the most importants concepts to be introduced in a smart city is Cradle to Cradle: The waste of one activity must be the ressource of one other. Also, to make the city green and friendly at the same time as self sufficient, it should have as many urban farms and gardens as possible, rain water collectors, etc.
All the process for the implementations of all kinds of projects to get the city more smart and green must engage the citizens from the begining makeing them a key actor of the project. This way is not an imposition but a common achievement and augmented the chances of succes.

The tecnology and the network of course have an important role in the management of all kind of activities, information provider, etc.

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