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Politics and Economics taught in schools
May 04, 2013 Balint F

I think there are two important problems with the education in most countries:

1. When people graduate from high school they have no idea which banks and which saving packages to choose, why not believe what bank clerks recommend them and why not borrow money from banks without thinking over its consequences. Most of them have no idea what "interest rate" means, mostly in case of credit.

2. When the time comes to make their first votes in the elections, they have no idea who to vote for and why vote for them.
I think the lack of political and economic knowledge makes people vulnerable to the media, banks and credit institutions. People get poor, loose their houses and who they blaim? Others. The world.
While they should blame themselves, or the government who did not teach them how to think. People do not think. WE need to teach them how to think.

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