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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Perfectly planned city can be a smarter city
May 04, 2013 Md A
Perfectly planned city can be a smarter city
Dubai the smarter city.
Perfectly planned city can be a smarter city
Singapur the smarter city

We can build up our city with a specific plan. Such as we can build residential area, market place, office area, recreation area, governmental work area, hospital area and school area separately. We must have a good and fluent communication road way to go all the area easily and within time. For that road should be wide and a good traffic system have to be maintained. Recreation area, school area, hospital area should be free from sound pollution and market place should be in the center of the city. We can build our smarter city beside the water body, because water body gives the most beautiful scenic value. We can also use natural and artificial landscape to decor our city. To reduce the traffic we can build flyovers, metro rail and minimum distance of traffic signal to signal should be 1 mile. I think if we build our city following a perfect plan with the help of technology, our city must be a smarter city of the world.


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