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Open data + citizen colaboration = real time traffic information
May 06, 2013 Juanjo G
Open data + citizen colaboration = real time traffic information
Traffic incidents and cameras

We have developed (as a pet project) this service in Spain, Tuitrafico, that uses several public datasets of traffic reports and official traffic incidents and we publish them on Twitter with the relevant hashtags (#trafico #road #city...) so the users can find quickly the information and participate in the conversation with further information. Additionally, we've build a multidevice app where you can search for this information in maps, view traffic cameras in real time, find out the cheapest gas station in your area... plus a content section with advices in road safety, news, ecomobility...

We've just launched it, and everything is a work in progress, but we are planning new features involving citizen participation and collaboration in order to have the best community with crowdsourced information about traffic.

More Info:
Tuitrafico: Spain traffic information in real time

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