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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Online Grocery Shopping
Updated: May 05, 2013 Jon V1

Online shopping experience - households can choose items, brands, of all shapes and sizes. Spend maybe 30 minutes on buying groceries online. Choose the time and date the goods will be delivered. Pay online via credit card or smart card or COD or credit card upon delivery (mobile card swipe machines). Consumers will get updates on new items, as well as reminders if records show they are running low on groceries. Order lists can be custom-made and recorded and saved, so that repeat orders will be easy to send. Grocery store/supermarket maybe government (ideally) or private-owned.

Prices will be lower due to economies of scale (captured market; lower cost with less display area needed since goods go direct from warehouse to homes). Deliveries may be scheduled per area, so overall economy saves on time and gas spent by consumers going to the market.

Online. Automatic. Smart shopping (household usage and supply analysis). Technology for the smart city.


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