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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Not a LAN, not a WAN, It is CAN, i.e. CITY AREA NETWORKS!
May 04, 2013 AYHAN S

You know the traffic radios! While driving, you listen to any radio of your choice but whenever the traffic radio needs to propagate any news, they interrupt and override every radio channel and reach you immediately.
Such that, every municipality or governing body of a city needs to implement a free of charge and accessible wifi coverage that should propagate emergency situations based on GIS data and everyone within the coverage of that wifi city area network will be immediately made informed. Any theft, any fire, any accident, any terror attack, any high value information will be provided to your notebook, smart phone without necessity to use a specific brand of phone, any system specific operating system, any application whether you have downloaded it or not.
This will increase our awareness and improve reaction time as a crowd-sourcing tool in terms of security and emergency.


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