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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Make technology in a city part of its infrastructure
May 08, 2013 Mark S65

A Smart City will be the city that treats technology/information in the same way it treats essential city services such as roads and transportation. Make it part of the infrastructure of a city, vice a commercial service no all can afford. In the past the free flow of people with their ideas through the physical transportation system of a city led to overall improvements within the city. Why not treat the technology and flow of information the same way. It is an essential service and should be supported by the city/government in the same way that roads are established and maintained. We all have access to the transportation system, why not to the technology/information system? Consider technology within the city as a necessary infrastructure supported by the government? Equal access whether you drive a luxury car or a clunker! Could be a great equalizer? What do you think?

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