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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Local currency - Being more than a consumer
May 09, 2013 Joana I

After moving to Bristol, UK, I discovered that they had a local currency. The idea seem strange at first, but after reading about it, I got it. They intend to inspire you to be more than a consumer, to discover Bristol’s independent businesses, get closer and build stronger relationships with them, invest and support the local economy!!!".
I immediately wanted to get involved, so me and my partner developed a mobile app to enhance the experience of Bristolians with their local currency, Bristol Pound for Windows Phone (BP4WP).
The idea behind the currency is a challenge to all cities which are nowadays flooded with global traders, loosing every day their identity and diversity, particularly fueled by local independent traders.
The app, BP4WP, puts technology at the service of a powerful idea, allowing users to discover independent local business in their doorstep, getting involved and being part of the community, whilst discovering Bristol and its unique community identity.

More Info:
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