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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Greater interactivity between small cities
May 08, 2013 Henrique B

My ideia is still raw, but it consist in to use tecnology to improve life quality on the countryside areas of the world by creating networks of small cities. Once small cities usually take longer to get infraestructure, I beleave that if you get a group of small cities together you can get to share benefits of the investiments within many cities, turning a group of small cities as relevant as a big urban center.
For instance, by sharing with the cities around information cultural activites in your city. With this you can get more people to attend to the events on your city, and you get a bigger range of cultural events to attend near by your city.
This also can be applied to so many other thinks like health care, security, transportantion. You use some of other cities infraestructure and the other cities can use what you have to offer.

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