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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Give everyone the data, and teach them how to use it!
May 05, 2013 Matthew W12

We are all haemorrhaging data, giving out email addresses and checking in at this location or that or using loyalty cards, appearing on hundreds of CCTV cameras, using online and face-to-face services, and all this data disappears down the rabbit hole to be used for whatever purpose was stated Terms and Conditions we probably didn't read all that thoroughly. It's our data, but most people don't have the means to acquire or use it, even though (in the UK at least) we have a legal right to access it. The TechniCity shouldn't just be for corporations and governments! So my idea would be to give everyone access to their own data, in an easily-usable form, develop tools, and teach them how to use the data they have created, the data that they own, to make their lives better.


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