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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Don't own things - use things!
May 05, 2013 Jan-Henrik T

Idea: Not everyone owns every device or asset, but instead joins a system of sharing devices!
Examples: cars, bikes, work/office spaces, furniture (furnished rental flats instead of IKEA every time you move), specialized devies for leisure activities (skiiing gear, sailboat, etc.)
- more efficient use of assets: private owners of assets usually block access to others even when the device is not in use
- pooling devices offers larger choice of specialized devices: intead of owning and using one private car (let's say a sedan) for all purposes, users of car sharing schemes can benefit from using a variety of vehicles (sedans, SUVs, vans, mini cars, convertibles, etc.) when they need them for specific purposes
- less resource need throughout product life cycle: sharing devices means effectively less devices = overall cost reduction for material, production, shipping, storage, or disposal
- less use of scarce city space when not in use: cars not being used, empty office


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