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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
digital receipts received to your disc coding your future waste
May 05, 2013 Burcu K

My idea is a combination of ideas but leading to one goal which is waste management.
The receipt data is transfered to your smartphone at a purchase by scaning or wireless internet. Paper is saved!
This receipt is not only the same document as its printable version but also includes links to product details such as their waste coding according to Cradle2Cradle design, their transport miles, the designer information, so on.
One pays for the product a price as well as collecting a value to its environmental impact.
After the product is used and owner wants to waste it at its retailer or a station, the compounds' value is deducted from the metre reader there.
Another score number will be added proportional to the time interval inbetween the purchase and disposal. The total number you get when wasting the product is subtracted from your total score up to date.
This waste score metre is your bill to track your waste and not to pay a fee for environmental negligence. Be waste wise!


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