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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Communal Electric Bikes
May 06, 2013 Pete O

Shared electric bikes at common locations.

There is a combination of technologies here:
1. communal electric bikes - some cities, large companies and universities are already using communal bikes, so this is simply the next iteration. Providing communal electric bikes means that the investment is shared (they are expensive) and the usage is maximised. They could even be sponsored by individual companies (if the infrastructure was provided by local Govt or retail association).
2. solar charging stations available at key locations (like bus stops and malls) so when a bike is not in use, it can be getting charged. These same stations could also be set to feed into the grid when not charging bikes.
3. Embedded GPS trackers. If you are going to leave expensive electric bikes around, you need to make sure you can track them!
4. Support structure - which covers tracking bikes and demand (and matching the two if necessary), regular maintenance, providing customer information etc.

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