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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
Awareness of responsible use of technology
May 07, 2013 Harold Fabian R

If we use technology responsibly, we get a common and effective system, with the help of smart devices, capture the data to be processed by a plant. This plant may be the Internet network, there, we will have the complete database and free. My idea is to have real-time augmented reality, which interact directly with the environment. We would have less visual pollution impact of advertising, would enjoy more of our nature and architecture. With a network interconnected with radio frequency to a high frequency, we would not have interference. Or just depending on our need, tune into our station equipment you need, such as roads, traffic jams, restaurants. All this with devices operating with little energy or ecological. With the use of drones, and directed by radio controlled, remote distance would help to use difficult situations and human support action.

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