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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
A sensor on the vehicles to create a system of resposability.
May 08, 2013 Julian A1

The proposal emerged from the constant accidents and bad behaviors at the time of driving. Bogotá is a megacity with a poor road network and therefore I want to generate a proposal which involved a social culture, a thought of responsability.

¿How? be installed in a vehicles both, particularty and mass-transport, a CHIP with all the information the driver and the vehicle and a SENSOR that will be connected with other strategically placed, in traffic lights, crosses, returns, bridges, corners and all around site there to protect the good performance vial.

Through the sensors is sent the ticket or positive act to a database that is updated in real time, sending a message to the driver with detailed infomration of his act.

For drivers who have smartphones will have their own profile on an application designed with updated information, which will be able to review your score, and with this you will have benefits or concequences at the end of the year.

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