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What is your big idea for a smarter city?
A network of neighborhoods using a common information app
May 04, 2013 Mario Emmanuel V

The key to a smarter city is having an efficient system that gathers the right information, generates the right processes and delivers back the right solutions to the right people.

We could achieve this by having a network of neighnorhoods within the same municipality sharing a common mobile application that both gathers useful information from neighborhoods (through trainned representatives) and citizens and answers back with practical solutions and tips on how to make the smartest decisions oriented towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The data collected through the app could also be used by the municipality to create tax deductions, prizes and other economic/social incentives so the "smarter" thing to do is always oriented to the sustainable development of the city. This could only work efficiently if the municipal government chooses one single application and most citizens (including business, nonprofits and government workers) engage through this one platform.

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