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What do you think the role of government should be in developing and promoting urban technology?
City Government- key stakeholder, driver of the process
May 26, 2013 Shabana C1

I think the government (here i mean city government) has to be the key stakeholder that can make development of urban technology a demand driven process.

The city government has to be convinced and need to completely buy in the idea of promoting urban technology. The critical baseline information about what aspects need urban technology, data on key components, is all with the city government. Ofcourse citizen feedback is necessary in developing urban technology, but the onus of 1) promoting urban technology through lets say competitions, hackathons, etc 2) once the technolgoy is in place, to utilize it, eg utilizing apps to take citizen feedback, technology to monitor structural health etc making it work is all on the city government.

Hence, we need change champion in the local government who can drive the whole process.

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