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What aspects of your city appear to be utilizing new technologies the most?
São Paulo Regeneration Projects
May 05, 2013 Miguel R3

several large urban areas on São Paulo City will be used to develop social houses for people that already works in São Paulo but lives in the suburban areas that spend 3 or mor hours in the morning to access their jobs.
with this policy, a social integration is stimulated between different cultural or economic levels on the community, but also becomes way far more cheaper to develop these areas in the city center than outside of the city because the extraordinary cost of the infrastructures....in the city , transportation , health care, education and energy or water already exists in place with capacity to accommodate the growth.
Are the cities prepared for this decision? i think that is very important and generates a positiv impact that will become evident next few years.
this policy engages Federal, State and Municipal Government, and Private Sector on very successful PPP´s model.
Do you think adoptable to your own city?

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