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What aspects of your city appear to be utilizing new technologies the most?
Push Towards a Green and Clean City
May 07, 2013 Natasha A

A little over a year ago, Bilbao introduced the Plan for the Optimization of Resources and Efficiency Improvement in effort to put Bilbao on the map as a green city fueled by clean technologies (with hopes of selling the city model to Latin America). The plan works on several fronts. To achieve energy efficiency the city has installed motion sensors, low-energy lighting and meters that measure energy use. They are also reviewing the current telephone land lines to see which ones have little activity while helping assists citizens transfer to mobile phones. Charging stations for electric cars have begun to pop up throughout the city in an attempt to encourage pubilc use. Street lights are being replaced with LED lighting. Time switches change the water pressure in buildings according to rate of use and sensors to determine facilities of water in an effort to phase out the inefficient faclities.

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