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What aspects of your city appear to be utilizing new technologies the most?
Public Transit, Bicycling
May 08, 2013 Sarah W32

Our mayor is implementing lots of bicycle infrastructure into my city, Columbus, Ohio. He is adding a bike share program to the down town area, adding in nicer bike "parking lots" where you can lock your bike, equipped with a air pump and cover to keep the bikes dry, plus bike sharrows on all side lanes down the main roads. Doing this is really getting the community involved in the idea that bicycling is a convenient and practical mode of transit. The bike share program uses technology in a sense that you "purchase" a bike and then can ride it for thirty minutes, and then the next station you park it at, whether it be 10 miles away or 1 mile away, will know that you have returned the bike you just bought. It's pretty cool and prevents stealing the bike for yourself because it will charge you fines if you don't return the bike. This makes it so people will return them, but it's very inexpensive if you use it for the allotted 30 minutes, return it, then check it out again for free!


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