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What aspects of your city appear to be utilizing new technologies the most?
Plans to better integrate technology with health and transport
May 04, 2013 Quentin O

Glasgow has recently won a smart cities fund and plans to better integrate the dissemination of transport and health information with the aid of smart technology.

My understanding so far is that as part of its delivery it intends to set up a website where users can personalise a deck based on what information they choose to receive. The deck will act as a live feed based on the users interests therefore always being kept up to date. For example A&E waiting times for hospitals could be uploaded onto the deck so the public can make better choices. Similarly for travel decisions. I attended a seminar on how the city won the fund and they clearly recognise the importance of smart phones. What will be interesting over the coming months is how they implement the strategy into achieving a meaningful smart city status for Glasgow.

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